7 Tips To Help You Leave The House On Time In The Mornings

Weekday mornings… Even the sentence may fill you with dread.

The rushing, shouting and seemingly unavoidable end result of always being late!

There is no doubt that getting children up and out on time can be a real challenge in the mornings. Now I’m not going to pretend I can be your fairy godmother and wave a wand to fix this but I do have a list of tips that can really lower the stress factor.

Sometimes just some quick and simple changes can save you a substantial amount of time, so have a read and see which ones will help you.

Allow plenty of time to get everyone ready.

I know that extra 10 minutes in the mornings (even if you were woken hours ago) can seem so appealing but it’s really not worth it. Having enough time to have a more calm and relaxed morning will leave you far more rested than the 10 mins ever would.

Make sure lunches and school bags are all ready the night before.

This needn’t mean you spending your evenings elbow deep in lunch boxes. Encourage the children to leave bags packed and ready after any reading or homework and try and do lunches early on while they are sat eating dinner or doing homework.

Have a set morning routine.

I know it can sound like hard work but it’s really not so bad.  Just a simple order of jobs so you all know what’s next to be done. If only you know then it’s an uphill battle to keep the children on track by telling them what’s next all the time.

Limit the micro management.

If you have any older children make them responsible for themselves,

This can start as early as age 4-5 yrs but with some guidance from you still.  Much older children really should be encouraged to be completely self-sufficient; it is their responsibility to be ready on time.   A very valuable life lesson for them as well as helping you.

Draw up a chart for each child with tasks they need to complete.

Getting them involved and creating their own chart is a great way to get them on board and excited about putting it into practice

Aim to leave earlier than needed.

If you need to leave by 8.30 am change that to 8.20 am. Somehow 10 minutes is always lost the minute you open the front door!

It can be very frustrating for you all when you thought you had done well and will be on time but one toilet trip or slight delay and it all goes wrong.

Now this one is hugely important and yet very easy to forget.

Always praise your children when they are ready on time.  If they have tried hard and you all get there on time it’s so important they know you are pleased with them.  It may not always seem the case but they do actually like pleasing us, having them on side and willing to try will be the biggest help you can have.

I hope you will find these useful and even if you can’t do them all, just adding a few to your routine will definitely speed things up and create a more peaceful morning for you.



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